Dr. Pat Luse Presents this FREE training… 

It's Not Your Fault You Have Type 2 Diabetes...
Something is Going Wrong in Your Body
Watch this free training to learn the truth about what is happening and how you can reverse your type 2 diabetes naturally.

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Here's What You'll Learn...
  • 5 simple, inexpensive steps to reverse your Type 2 Diabetes
  • Why traditional medical treatment doesn't work
  • A vitamin that improves insulin sensitivity by 60% and only costs 10 cents per day
  • ​How adding 1/2 teaspoon of this powder to your diet can lower your A1C by one full point
  • ​Add 2 teaspoons of this liquid to a glass of water before meals and reduce blood sugar spikes by 50%

Start Reversing Your Type 2 Diabetes Today

You're Not Alone! A Message From Dr. Pat Luse:

So if you're serious about wanting to achieve lasting results and reverse your Type 2 Diabetes naturally...

Meet Dr. Pat Luse

America's Health Transformation Doctor
For 30 years, I kept up with the latest scientific breakthroughs and added new and exciting principles to my plan. 

The 7 System’s plan now includes the most successful and helpful principles for weight loss, diabetes reversal, and health restoration in the world. My passion is to restore my patients’ health and vitality using safe, natural methods. 

I encourage and educate people about safe and inexpensive nutritional, lifestyle, and exercise options that radically reduce their risk of dying prematurely from dangerous drugs, surgeries, and many common and preventable degenerative conditions.

See What Others Had to Say...

Sheila was a diabetic who also had high cholesterol and high blood pressure. Testing revealed some significant problems that needed attention. Unfortunately, she did not have the tools she needed to resolve these health problems.

Shortly after that, she ended up in a diabetic coma for six weeks and almost died. When she was released from the hospital, she had twice the problems she initially had and was now in insulin-dependent diabetic.

It’s never too late to turn things around as Sheila learned. After going through this training, her results were amazing. Insulin-dependent diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and many other health problems disappeared. She no longer needed any medications. I’m always amazed what your body can do if you give it what it needs.
Mike drove a truck for a living, often requiring him to work long hours and eat on the run. This eventually took a toll on his health. He had diabetes as well as problems with his cholesterol and blood pressure. He just didn’t feel good and knew he need to do something about it because all the medications he was on were beginning to concern him.

The secrets he learned in this training transformed his life. In 90 days his obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and all medications were gone! He is a great example of how quickly diseases and health problems can be turned around with a proven plan.

Lucinda had type one diabetes that was out of control. Even high levels of insulin were not controlling her diabetes. Several specialists had tried to bring things to a safe level using multiple types of intervention. She was a newlywed and was miserable with life.

Monty, her husband also had health issues and decided to go through the training with her. 

The results were amazing! Her insulin requirements dropped by 2/3 and her hemoglobin A-1 C was now at a safe level. Together she and Monty lost 250 pounds.

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